Phonelasper is time lapse app for use on old or ageing phones, with or without an SD Card. It was born out of me trying to take time lapse footage and constantly breaking relatively expensive cameras.

I have developed it using flutter as I wanted to learn the framework.

It allows the user to use the phone in a similar way to CHDK.

It currently supports time lapse frames of any size supported by the phone camera and duration saving to the internal and external SD card.

It will at some point support image stacking.

If space on the phone is at a premium for example an old phone with very little storage It supports saving images to FTP.

It supports saving Time Lapse frames to google drive.
OATH is only required if the user decide to use this feature

All frames will need to be processed by the user as the phone is only used to capture frames there are no processing functions.

It has a calendar function so the user can time the start and end time to events such as say a sun rise or sun set for example.

It supports HDR stacking by adjusting the exposure between 3 shots over the chosen HDR duration.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this