Eclipse, it doesn’t have to be dark / how to trouble shoot Eclipse (use at your own risk)

A bit like a real eclipse you will be in the dark at some point. You will also experience this darkness more frequently than a solar eclipse.
This is a short guide to hopefully help you find your way back to the light.

Make sure you backup your work before trying these.

1. Clean & build > Try again

2. Clean & build > Exit eclipse > Reopen eclipse > Try again

3. Closed errored plugins (if not required) > Clean & build > Try again

4. File > Import General > Import projects > Clean & build > Try again (this is in case you are missing any required projects eclipse hasn't picked up)

eGit v Git
eGit has an uneasy relationship with GIT it’s basically hot and cold. It basically sometimes works it sometimes doesn’t.
Lesson is you don’t need it. These commands are better carried out from GIT Bash, I have also found Tortoise GIT more reliable.

make sure your commits are done / backed up or you will lose work.
5. git reset --hard

This can be inserted at any point in the listed attempts to get eclipse to play ball.
6. git clean -fx

Not using egit
7. Fetch > Pull > Import Projects > Clean & Build > Try again

Not using egit
8. Fetch > Merge latest remote mainline into your branch > Import Projects > Clean & Build > Try again

9. Exit eclipse > Rename workspace folder > open eclipse > create new workspace > copy repos from renamed workspace to new workspace > open eclipse > File > Import General > Import projects > Clean & build

Merge troubles? We've all been there Try:
10. git clean -d -f"

This removes untracked files that maybe stopping your merge.

If all else fails and you have remote branch
11. Delete your local branch 'git branch -d branch_name' > Create an new branch of the same name base on the remote working mainline branch > Merge in remote version of deleted branch.
> Check it builds > Push and ovewrite remote branch (known changes check box in Tortoise Git)

Other tips
Counting lines of code within eclipse:
Search > File Search > With Regular Expression Checked enter \n[\s]* into the containing text box.

So what is it i do?

After filling a number of job applications and having some interviews. I have realised many people writing the job descriptions for the jobs us tech types apply for, don’t quite understand what they are asking or possibly who they have been asked to recruit.

So in this post I will explain what I do and how I got there. This will hopefully give you an idea of my uses on your project or at your company.

Current job: Lead Developer Leonardo Helicopters

Wildcat, AW101 and Chinoock

I lead a small team of Developers at Leonardo Helicopters. We develop training material for pilots and ground crew. We use HTML5, Flash/Animate, 3D Studio Max, Unity and Java to develop and delivery the courses on desktop and mobile devices. We have also built a number of Virtual Reality demonstrators.

How I got to this point

I started my design career drafting in AutoCAD on a placement working for Marcos Sports Cars. I was on this placement while studying a BA in Design Technology at the University of Winchester. After finishing my degree I went on to draft for a number of engineering companies. I found my self being asked to do more and more 3D so I decided to learn 3D Studio MAX. This has allowed me to work in the E-learning and Serious Games sector.

As well as the 3D modelling and animation I am also a self taught programmer who began with HTML, Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3, but who now programs in Java on an almost daily bases. I am currently building applications for asset tracking and database admin which we use to keep the department running relatively smoothly. So yes I can build graphical assets and code. I have also built a number of in house mobile applications in Adobe AIR. I am currently developing a number of native android applications in my spare time.

I find The ability to switch between graphic creation and programming is useful. It also gives me insight into the design process when setting a project up and budgeting.

I also have a reasonable comprehension of the English language and have written E-Learning storyboards in the past when required.

So where can I be useful?

My skill set gives me the ability to consult on and work in most areas in your production process. I am always happy to adapt and learn too. So if you think I may be a useful asset on your project or you have any feedback please feel free to contact me.