Eclipse, it doesn’t have to be dark / how to trouble shoot Eclipse (use at your own risk)

A bit like a real eclipse you will be in the dark at some point. You will also experience this darkness more frequently than a solar eclipse.
This is a short guide to hopefully help you find your way back to the light.

Make sure you backup your work before trying these.

1. Clean & build > Try again

2. Clean & build > Exit eclipse > Reopen eclipse > Try again

3. Closed errored plugins (if not required) > Clean & build > Try again

4. File > Import General > Import projects > Clean & build > Try again (this is in case you are missing any required projects eclipse hasn't picked up)

eGit v Git
eGit has an uneasy relationship with GIT it’s basically hot and cold like my own with pancakes. I don’t need pancakes but sometimes magic happens maybe a couple of times a year.
Lesson is you don’t need pancakes & and don’t use egit. These commands are carried out from GIT Bash, I have also found Tortoise GIT more reliable.

make sure your commits are done / backed up or you will lose work.
5. git reset --hard

This can be inserted at any point in the listed attempts to get eclipse to play ball.
6. git clean -fx

Not using egit
7. Fetch > Pull > Import Projects > Clean & Build > Try again

Not using egit
8. Fetch > Merge latest remote mainline into your branch > Import Projects > Clean & Build > Try again

9. Exit eclipse > Rename workspace folder > open eclipse > create new workspace > copy repos from renamed workspace to new workspace > open eclipse > File > Import General > Import projects > Clean & build

Merge troubles? We've all been there Try:
10. git clean -d -f"

This removes untracked files that maybe stopping your merge.

If all else fails and you have remote branch
11. Delete your local branch 'git branch -d branch_name' > Create an new branch of the same name base on the remote working mainline branch > Merge in remote version of deleted branch.
> Check it builds > Push and ovewrite remote branch (known changes check box in Tortoise Git)

Other tips
Counting lines of code within eclipse:
Search > File Search > With Regular Expression Checked enter \n[\s]* into the containing text box.

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