Current Show Reel

Here are my show reels. These relate to work I have done on various projects.

Current Show Reel:

00:09 : Real Time Example 1 – engine trainer demo developed using 3D Studio MAX, Blender & Adobe AIR. Also ported to Unity.

00:33 : Real Time Example 2 – Intro to Shoot ’em Up I developed to improve my programming skills.

00:38 : 3D Organic Modelling example demonstrating Low Poly Modelling Displacement Mapping, Texturing & UV Mapping.

00:55 : Compositing 3D into the real world. Normally I am colouring & compositing helicopters into photos

01:15 : Submarine model – This is modelled from 2D line drawings in Blender

01:21 : I do have a soft spot for VW LT35 so I modelled this one from Photographs to demonstrate my vehicle modelling abilities,

01:43 : Leopard 2 Tank – Modelled as part as a demo for Serco

01:43 : Porsche 917 – Modelled from photographs – I modelled this after watching the film Le’man, it’s a pretty awful film but the cars are great! You can see the fully textured version in the show reel below.

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